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Author: Judith Krantz
Number of pages: 592
Publication Date: 1992-02-01
ISBN: 0553293761
Binding: Paperback
Description: "Captivating. Krantz's latest tome... is her  most erotic yet. Dazzle  sizzles." -- Daily News, Los  Angeles.
Now, Judith Krantz, best-selling author  of Scruples, Mistral's  Daughter, and Till We Meet Again,  invites you into the luscious, monied world of  Jazz Kilkullen, her most daring, provocative,  impetuous heroine yet.
"Deliciously sexy."  --Cosmopolitan.  
Inside the fun-filled  photographers' studio in California known as  Dazzle, Jazz Kilkullen reigns supreme. At twenty-nine,  this playful, gifted, and thoroughly sexy woman  has become one of the most successful celebrity  portrait photo in the world.
"Enjoyable... Jazz is  one of the most likable free souls to emerge from  the novel industry." -- The Pittsburgh  Press.
But her charmed career and her  dashing private life, which includes three  fascinating-and fascinated-men, are rocked when an  unexpected tragedy leaves jazz to battle her father's  vengeful ex-wife and the machinations of her  half-sisters. At stake is the Kilkullen family ranch, a  three-billion-dollar paradise of unspoiled California  land that developers all over the world would do  anything to possess... and Jazz will do anything to  protect. Absolutely anything.
"Judith Kratz's  best novel since Scruples."  -- Associated  Press.
"Steamy." --Los Angeles  Times.
"Hot... bubbling with sex, intrigue, and-most of  all-money. Krantz is at the height of her form here."  -- Booklist

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Condition: Fair
Tags: novel
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 17 December, 2006.

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