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I'll Take Manhattan 1.0pt
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Owner: opnjudy (Details)
Community Investment: 36.5pt
Books total: 86
Country: United States

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Author: Judith Krantz
Number of pages: 437
Publication Date: 1986-04-20
ISBN: 0517561107
Binding: Hardcover
Description: Here is Judith Krantz's greatest triumph--I'll Take Manhattan.  In the high-stakes world of magazine publishing, she weaves a dazzling tale of love and betrayal, and creates her most joyous character--sensational Maxi, an uninhibited woman who unexpectedly discovers that her talent for life is matched by a hunger to succeed. Gorgeous, flamboyant Maxi Amberville is twenty-nine and has already discarded three husbands on two continents.  Life is a stream of endless pleasure in her lavish Trump Tower apartment--until her widowed mother married a man who plots to sell her father's magazine empire.  And Maxi turns her incredible lust for living into a passionate quest for power. Maxi takes over the small weekly Buttons And Bows. She gathers her hot-blooded ex-husband, sassy daughter and a coterie of the powerful elite.  Then, risking all, Maxi creates B&B --the glitziest, ritziest, most successful fashion magazine in the country.  Here is a dramatic, sizzling story of love, family, ambition and one unforgettable woman who gives life and love everything she has.

Owner Comments:

Very good, I don't have the correct ISBN but the closest I could locate. It is a hardcover book with 369 pages. Purchased new and read once, no writing, highlighting or stamps. Name label inside front cover - bookclub edition w/dust jacket.

Condition: Good
Tags: fiction
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 February, 2012.

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