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Claudia's Shadow 1.0pt
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Owner: jenenglish (Details)
Community Investment: 8.2pt
Books total: 247
Country: United States

Will ship to: Canada, United States

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Author: Charlotte Vale Allen
Number of pages: 298
Publication Date: 1996-12-01
ISBN: 1551661772
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
Description: From Booklist: Allen's ability to explore complex characters by delving into the emotional and intricate puzzle of troubled family relationships creates a realistic framework for this compelling novel. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Claudia's suicide force Rowena into a search for the truth about her younger sister and their dysfunctional family. Claudia's untimely death at 37 and unexpected bequest of her estate allow Rowena the freedom to alter the direction of her life. She returns to their childhood home and blossoms as the hostess in Claudia's upscale restaurant, thriving in the world that the vain and self-absorbed Claudia left behind. When Rowena inadvertently finds explicit videotapes of Claudia's sexual encounters, she becomes obsessed with her sister's history of mental and emotional problems and contacts Dr. Anthony Reid, Claudia's former psychiatrist and lover, but is unable to accept his theory to justify Claudia's behavior. Allen leads the reader effortlessly through her latest work, and loyal fans will not be disappointed.

Owner Comments:

different cover image, former library copy, clear plastic potective cover

Condition: Fair
Tags: fiction, Mystery, suspense
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 03 September, 2007.

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